Does celsius live fit have artificial sweeteners?

Celsius Live Fit contains several ingredients that can be harmful to health, especially when consumed in large quantities. The main ingredients include synthetic caffeine, artificial sweeteners (such as sucralose), and various stimulants. Celsius contains no sugar and instead uses an artificial sweetener called sucralose. This sucralose doesn't add extra calories to your diet.

Celsius also contains questionable additives, such as an artificial sweetener and flavoring agents. While Celsius is designed to help athletes increase their energy levels, the drink also claims to “burn body fat” and stimulate metabolism, both of which occur naturally as a result of exercise. By researching my favorite energy drink, I have become much more aware of my Celsius consumption. Recently banned by the National University Athletics Association (NCAA), the Celsius diet has been boycotted around the country, as many experts identify the degree of harmfulness of this drink, especially for growing adolescents.

We also consider Celsius to be healthier than Monster Energy, which is arguably the most popular energy drink on the market and contains added sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and artificial colors. But are Celsius drinks really healthier than energy drinks from previous generations, such as Red Bull, or are they just marketing claims? Do you have any questionable additive ingredients? Do you really need that many vitamins in an energy drink? And why did they sue Celsius for its allegations about its ingredients? Depending on who you ask about Celsius, an energy drink popular with fitness fans around the country, you'll get varied answers. A single can of Monster Energy contains 160 mg of caffeine, a little lower than Celsius. In general, I wouldn't buy Celsius again and prefer coffee or energy drinks that taste less artificial.

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