What is Jollibee? An Iconic Philippine Fast-Food Chain

Jollibee is an iconic Philippine fast-food chain that has been delighting customers for decades. It is the flagship brand of Jollibee Foods Corporation, the world's largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant company. With over 1,500 stores worldwide and many more to come, Jollibee's mission is to spread the pleasure of eating. The menu at Jollibee is eclectic by American fast-food standards, offering a variety of dishes that are sure to please.

Popular items include Chickenjoy, a fried chicken dish that some say is even better than Kentucky Fried Chicken; Fiesta Noodles, a recreation of the pancit palabok noodle dish; Breakfast Joy Corned Beef served with garlic rice and a fried egg; and for dessert, Philippine peach and mango pie or Halo-Halo, a mix of crushed ice, ube and jackfruit ice cream, milk flan and jellies. Prices are similar to other fast foods. Jollibee has stores in the states of California, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington. Its overall strategy in the United States is to open up in areas with denser Filipino American populations, to give them a familiar feel of home. In the Philippines, most kids have Jollibee birthday parties; it's become a comforting reminder of home for Filipinos living outside the country. Jollibee's popularity is evident on Instagram, with more than half a million posts dedicated to the fast-food establishment.

Felix, an 18-year-old from Hoboken, New Jersey, found himself in Midtown Jollibee eating Chickenjoy for the first time. He was surprised by how popular it was among Americans who had never tried it before. Jollibee is like a KFC crossed with McDonald's with a banana ketchup garnish. It's American fast food with a Filipino twist that has been delighting customers around the world for decades.

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