Does Panda Express Serve Vegan Orange Chicken?

Panda Express is now offering a vegan version of its popular Orange Chicken dish. The vegan version is made from Beyond's plant-based vegan nuggets, mixed in a wok with Panda Express's famous orange sauce (vegan). After a successful two-week test in Southern California, the vegan Orange Chicken is now available at 70 locations across the US. The vegan Orange Chicken is served alongside several plant-based side dishes, including eggplant tofu, supergreens, chow mein and spring rolls with vegetables, as well as steamed white and brown rice.

All items on the Panda Express menu indicate that they do not contain MSG, excluding the natural MSG found in some ingredients. However, Panda Express does not advertise any of its items as “vegan” due to cross-contamination issues. The Original Orange Chicken is Panda Express's bestseller, so the popularity of the vegan version bodes well for a possible national launch. Customers are already asking for it on social media, and the company is expanding its test to refine the addition of the new vegan orange chicken into operations for a national deployment.

The vegan Orange Chicken is made from Beyond's plant-based proteins rather than traditional animal meat. It is mixed with wok in Panda's exclusive sweet, spicy and sour orange sauce and reportedly has a crunchy texture. The dish is sold at more than 2,300 Panda Express locations across the country. The Panda Express orange chicken is all delicious in a tasty boneless fried chicken meal mixed in a sauce that's a little spicy due to the dried chilies, but sweet thanks to the orange peel, honey and ginger.

Consider this the official request for Panda Express to open a tea bar in every state. Kung Fu Tea better prepare for the competition.

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