How Much is Wendy's Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich?

If you're looking for a delicious and unique chicken sandwich, Wendy's Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich is the perfect choice. This sandwich features a white meat chicken breast, melted Pepper Jack cheese, three strips of Applewood smoked bacon, and crispy pickle chips, all drizzled with the brand's new hot honey. With its spicy habanero honey and juicy chicken inside, this sandwich is sure to satisfy your cravings. At Wendy's, the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich is served in a buttermilk cookie.

The warm honey chicken cookie is a version of the brand's butter and honey cookie, which Li calls a “workhorse” because it sells so well during the morning. The Pepper Jack cheese adds a nice creamy and sticky quality, while the spicy chicken fillet and spicy honey sauce provide an even tongue burn that is never too uncomfortable. The steak I bought was quite fresh with a moderately spicy and crispy crust and a juicy chicken inside. I thought the hardest part of eating Wendy's Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich would be putting up with the spicy habanero honey (or saying its name three times fast).

In the end I enjoyed my meal, but maybe it's because I really like basic chicken sandwiches. Wendy's new hot honey chicken sandwiches are officially available at locations across the country on Tuesday, Feb. With the hot honey chicken cookie for breakfast and the hot honey chicken sandwich available the rest of the day, Wendy's is the queen when it comes to bringing flavor innovation to the Made to Crave menu. During Wednesday's media event, Li expressed confidence that Wendy's is differentiated enough to win both in breakfast and in the increasingly crowded chicken category. At this point, it's safe to say that most brands have an exclusive “chicken sandwich” to compete in the intensely competitive category initiated by Chick-fil-A and reinforced by Popeyes.

Wendy's is also expanding its hot honey chicken platform to breakfast day, as the company works to build that fledgling business.

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