What do you call chinese noodle soup?

Chinese soupsEdit · Hup Tul Woo: a sweet nut soup · Jiuniang · Lettuce soup · Liver soup · Lotus seed soup and pork tripe · Lung mushroom soup · Mung bean soup · Noodles. They're very versatile for cooking and there's never much trouble with noodles sticking to the pan. But if you want to reduce carbs and calories even more, simply skip the noodles and fill them with tons more vegetables to make Chinese vegetable soup. We've tried to choose noodles that you can also find in your local supermarket; otherwise, you can find them in an oriental supermarket.

Noodles: Chinese noodle soups are traditionally prepared with thin noodles with egg (pictured above and below the soup). This Chinese noodle soup is one of my classic “back pocket” recipes because it's so versatile and incredibly fast. Chinese cuisine includes styles that originate from the various regions of China, as well as from Chinese from other parts of the world. You have to be careful with the noodles so that they are constantly being stirred and tucked under the noodles, as they like to stick together.

Chinese cuisine may terrify some people, but it can be made 100% easier if you have some of these 10 essential items from the store cupboard ready to help you.

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