Who is the Best Food Blogger in the World?

Smitten Kitchen is one of the most popular food blogs today, with more than 800 recipes covering a variety of cuisines. This blog is by Scottish chef, Jacqueline, who specializes in vegan and vegetarian dishes. She is a prolific blogger and very involved in the online world: her recipes appear on several sites and she hosts monthly “blog events”. She has over 500 recipes on site, but her love for cooking shines through most.

This is a great place to find “family recipes”, as the blogger likes to find things that her toddler enjoys. Like many of the top food blogs featured here, Cookie and Kate offers vegetarian and whole-food recipes. Smitten Kitchen presents delicious images of foods that demand to be eaten. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Smitten Kitchen has found great popularity among food fans.

Smitten Kitchen is summarized as “Cooking without fear from a small kitchen in New York City”. It was created by Deb Perelman, who was obsessed with the intricacies of food and cooking. As he says on his About page, he loves being able to wake up and cook whatever he wants that day. Heidi Swanson's 101 Cookbooks Focus on Providing Healthy Recipes for Every Day.

It currently has more than 700 vegetarian, whole food, vegan and instant marijuana recipes. Heidi started the blog in 2003 when she looked at her vast collection of cookbooks and decided it was time to stop collecting and start cooking. She was tired of repeating the same recipes over and over again. She felt it was time to explore the books in her collection.

Budget Bytes aims to offer delicious recipes designed for small budgets. Recognize that not all of us can afford to use expensive ingredients and cook recipes that take hours to prepare. Try to cater to those with “Instagram liking” and a peanut butter budget. Budget Bytes is the brainchild of Beth Moncel.

Want to help people shop, cook and eat smartly. She offers numerous recipes on her blog, along with her cost analysis, preparation time, alternative preparations and step-by-step photos of each recipe. Kevin has developed 2,600 recipes since starting the site. It gives pride of place to a Top Recipes section where its 100 most popular recipes stand out.

Two Peas& Their Pod takes special pride in its cookie section, which currently includes more than 200 cookie recipes. Pinch of Yum is almost an institution. With 750+ blog posts, it has something healthy for everyone. Founded a little over a decade ago by Lindsay Ostrom and her husband Bjork, it's filled with all the goodness that comes from a genuine love of food.

Lindsay and Bjork's journey, like that of many food bloggers, began with a simple idea of sharing their love of food. Do you want to try your luck on a paneer dish? There are more than 23 to choose from. Are you interested in something sweet? Explore Sailaja's collection of more than 30 delicious dishes. More than 30,000 marketers trust us to get their news.

Shouldn't you? More than 3,700 new apps are added to the App Store every day. And although only a few when it comes to the “official version”, so to speak, of food blogs, culinary magazines are at the top. This is the literary case of Food52, which is among the gods of the social media gastronomic program with no less than 2.7 million followers on Instagram. Like all respected magazines out there, Food52 has its “how to” advantages; we can assure you that you won't have enough! And when you're tired of enjoying delicious recipes and photos that steal your heart, Food52 has a shopping area ready for you, also full of products for the home and kitchen.

You'll also find a bit of explanatory science for the cooking techniques involved here, so that the avid reader can better understand what's really going on while preparing their favorite dish. If you're in doubt about what to eat and what not, and if eating healthy is your primary concern, Serious Eats' scientific approach to cooking makes you their expert advisor. Initially conceived as a personal project, Deliciously Ella (DE) is living proof of how a simple personal blog can turn into a business while changing your life and that of millions of people in the process. She started small by creating her blog as part of adopting a plant-based diet; she was determined to create a completely delicious vegan experience with no compromise on the flavor front! And if you're in London, you should visit the Deliciously Elladeli and enjoy the taste firsthand! Even though she no longer teaches fourth graders, Lindsey -the moving magician behind this classic food blog- has maintained her desire to teach, inspire and interact with others through her homemade recipes but also through sharing important and heartfelt parts of their private life such as travel motherhood family home project etc.

A convenient combination of an online food store and blog it offers you recipes freshly prepared meals delivered right to your door and a mix of spices for even more flavor all them you guessed it balanced! Balanced Bites acts as your own professional nutritionist -the virtual version- especially helping the busiest of us those who don't have time left to cook but who don't compromise on whole foods or eating healthy either. A vegetarian whole-food blog full of delicious freshly made treats Cookie + Kate is essentially the product of a love story between a passion for cooking and photography based in Kansa Kate -the owner and creator of this hidden culinary gem- and her equally charming dog Cookie are Dorothy and Toto's delicious vegetarian duo! And our last but not least food blog choice is also plant-based cuisine for the simple fact that not only are vegetarian diets very fashionable right now but they have also proven to be healthy and a way of life for many young families as it is for...

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