Is the Arby's Fish Sandwich Unhealthy?

Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich is a wild-caught Alaskan Pollock sandwich that is fried to golden perfection. Unfortunately, this sandwich contains more than 900 milligrams of sodium and 570 calories, with most of those calories coming from fat (40%) and carbohydrates (46%). Wendy's now has the new Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich, which is a wild Alaskan pollock fillet with butter and puff pastry complemented by savory notes of garlic and onion, creamy dill tartar sauce, crispy lettuce, and dill pickles, with or without cheese. The classic roast beef sandwich is the best-selling dish on the Arby's menu.

If you're looking for an alternative to meat in a fast food restaurant, Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich is a great option. For macronutrient ratios, Big Mac is lighter in carbohydrates, heavier in fat, and similar to fish fillet in terms of protein. Fish fillet has slightly more calories (10%) than big mac by weight: fish fillet has 282 calories per 100 grams and big mac has 257 calories. Popeyes said the sandwich includes a Cajun-seasoned flounder steak that is breaded in a crispy layer and fried.

The Chick-fil-A fish sandwich includes two lightly fried cod fillets battered between a warm buttered bun. It also comes with cheese, lettuce, and an optional lemon tartar sauce that “pairs perfectly with flaky whitefish”. At just 360 calories, this sandwich has half the calories and only about a quarter of the sodium of half-pound French sauce with Swiss cheese and au jus. You can quickly assume that fast food steak is a mix of questionable non-fish ingredients, but there's nothing artificial here; Filet-O-Fish has always been made with real fish. Overall, it is clear that Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich is not the healthiest option when it comes to fast food restaurants.

While it may be a better alternative to burgers or other meat dishes, it still contains high levels of sodium and fat. If you are looking for a healthier option, you may want to consider the new Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich from Wendy's or the Chick-fil-A fish sandwich.

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