Where are the Most Wawa Stores Located?

The state with the most Wawa locations in the United States is New Jersey, boasting 275 stores, which accounts for 28% of all Wawa locations in the country. The company is also expanding to Florida, while continuing to focus on its home state. Wawa is on a mission to cover downtown Philadelphia with stores and has announced a Super Wawa for Northeast Philadelphia. In addition, the company is shifting to a line of products that are healthier and of higher quality, such as fair-trade coffee, bean bowls, and brand-name products that contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

New Jersey has the most Wawa outposts, followed by Pennsylvania and Florida. All three states have more than 200 stores each. Wawa is 41% employee-owned and has recently announced a hiring campaign to add 1,000 new associates across Florida over the next three months. The company plans to add 54 sites to its multi-state network this year, including a new arrival in North Bergen, across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

Despite its widespread presence in the United States, there are still 49 states and territories without a single Wawa convenience store. The company began in 1803 as an iron smelter in South Jersey and moved its operations towards the end of the 19th century to a dairy farm outside Philadelphia. Wawa's success is largely due to its private ownership and employee stock ownership plan, which is said to be the second largest ESOP in the country. With its focus on healthier products and expansion into new states, Wawa is sure to continue its success for years to come.

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