Are Sheetz Burgers Beef?

Are Sheetz burgers beef? The answer is no. Sheetz has partnered with Beyond Meat to become the first continental convenience store chain in the U. S. Department of State to present Beyond Burger, a plant-based burger that offers a high-protein, 100% plant-based meat alternative, with the same flavor and texture as a traditional steak burger.

Sheetz offers customers the ability to customize their Beyond Burgers with more than 47 options, including seven different bread options, seven different cheese options, 20 different ingredients, and 13 different spreads. Produced by Beyond Meat, El Segundo, California, the Beyond Burger also contains potato starch, apple extract, salt, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, sunflower lecithin and other ingredients. There are 221 calories in a Sheetz MTO Burger. Most of these calories come from protein (37%) and fat (63%).

Tim Smith, vice president of sales, food service, North America, at Beyond Meat, said the company is pleased to bring Beyond Burger to all Sheetz locations across the country in an effort to continue its mission of making plant-based meat accessible to all. Sheetz is headquartered in Altoona, Blair County, and was founded in 1952 when Bob Sheetz bought one of his father's dairies. Are Sheetz hot dogs beef? Yes! Sheetz offers 100% all MEAT HOT DOGS. Does Sheetz also have bits of macaroni and cheese? Yes! Sheetz offers macaroni and cheese bites as a side dish.

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