Are there any special instructions for using my bottle of drip drop hydration in dry climates (e.g. deserts, arid regions, etc.)?

Cool, dry air and the suppression of thirst during cold weather can lead to dehydration. Rehydrating quickly is important to avoid the complications that come with dehydration. Drinking water isn't enough, and not all powdered electrolytes are created the same way. You need an oral rehydration solution that has the perfect balance of sodium and glucose to facilitate absorption, that has a low osmolarity and has an excellent taste.

DripDrop meets all of these requirements. When it comes to dehydration, not all electrolytes are created equal. We've come to think that sodium is bad, but the human body contains 60% salt water. Sodium is, in fact, the essential electrolyte for recovery from dehydration.

It promotes better fluid intake, helps maintain a greater volume of fluid and reduces urine production. The problem is that sodium has a hard time passing through the small intestine on its own.

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