How Many Jollibee Stores Are in Canada?

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is a global fast-food chain with more than 1,400 locations worldwide, including 17 in Canada. These stores are located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. The company is expanding its presence in Canada with the launch of a new mobile kitchen in Hamilton, Ontario, and a new store in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1995, the Wall Street Journal reported that Jollibee had five locations in Brunei, two in Jakarta, Indonesia, and one in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In addition to these international locations, the company has 160 stores in the Philippines. The new store in Vancouver marks the ninth Jollibee restaurant that opened its doors in the Canadian province. Jollibee plans to open five more stores before the end of the year, including locations in San Antonio, Texas and San Diego, California. With its prime location in one of the region's top shopping destinations, Jollibee fans from all areas of the city now have a convenient new option to enjoy their favorite menu items.

Since the opening of its first location, Jollibee has become increasingly popular in Toronto and the GTA. As reported in a 1990 article in The Washington Times, Jollibee had two locations in Taiwan and one in Brunei, along with 58 locations in the Philippines. The new Mississauga and West Edmonton stores arrive just after Jollibee opened a store on downtown Toronto's historic Yonge Street last month. The new store located at 1130 Nairn Avenue in the Regent area of Winnipeg marks the main Jollibee store on the east side of the capital and joins the two existing locations on the brand's west side.

In a statement, Jollibee said it partnered with DoorDash to launch the mobile kitchen in Hamilton, Ontario. This mobile restaurant offers world-famous Jollibee dishes exclusively through online ordering. With safety measures in place due to the pandemic, customers are not allowed to pack into stores but they continue to show their support by participating in socially distanced lineups to welcome Jollibee into their neighborhood and taste their favorite menu items.

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