Will the McRib be Back in 2020?

On Thursday, the fast-food chain McDonald's announced that the fan-favorite sandwich, the McRib, will return annually in November. The McRib has built up a substantial following over the years, even though it hasn't been a constant item on the menu for the fast-food giant. Companies like Starbucks and McDonald's rely on limited-time items to attract a flurry of customers, and that's why the McRib will never be on the permanent menu. For those who have never tried a McRib before, or for those who just want a little reminder, it's a sandwich that includes boneless pork seasoned and soaped with acidic and smoked barbecue sauce.

Fortunately, Mickey D's is blessing us this year and will bring the McRib back to locations across the country. The McRib debuted for the first time in 1981 as a regional favorite in Kansas City before enjoying a national debut the following year. Like many discontinued items at fast food chains, the McRib has appeared for limited periods in select locations over the years. When McDonald's talked about the arrival of the McRib, many Twitter users were on cloud nine, as it has been almost a year since the sandwich was last released for a limited time.

While they haven't yet responded to my query about whether the McRib will be offered nationwide or only in select stores, this will most likely be a national launch again this year. McDonald's is finally bringing the McRib to U. S. menus after years of lawsuits from desperate superfans.

So, if you haven't had a chance to try some McRib, you might want to go to your local McDonald's and place an order. For now, just make sure to do as many McDonald's races after November 1 as possible to satisfy your McRib craving before it goes off the menus again. Still, some people were disappointed by the news and said they would like the fast food chain to bring back other popular items instead of the McRib. The rise of social media has solidified the iconic status of the McRib and its annual return has even given rise to the phrase 'McRib season'. While many people would love for it to be a permanent menu item, it doesn't seem likely to ever happen. So if you're one of those die-hard fans who can't wait for November 1st to come around every year, you're not alone! The McRib is one of those rare treats that everyone looks forward to and it's sure to be a hit once again this year.

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