Why does liquid iv. hydrate you faster?

Liquid IV is a product that claims to hydrate you faster (as opposed to drinking only water) by using vitamins and minerals to transport liquid throughout your body more effectively. Because you eliminate approximately one calorie for every liquid ounce of water your body absorbs, Liquid IV helps you burn many more calories than water. If I had to choose a commercial electrolyte drink, I would prefer the flavor of Gatorade to that of Liquid IV. The Liquid IV website contains links to a 1994 medical review showing that oral rehydration therapy has been effective in treating people with cholera or diarrhea.

Liquid IV is based on ORS, so it has been shown to be effective in treating clinical dehydration and, although it contains added sugar, it does not contain very questionable additives, such as artificial colors and sweeteners. But what does Liquid IV actually contain? Is your formulation healthy or unhealthy? We'll discuss it in the next section. Simply put, Liquid IV is an electrolyte drink blend that hydrates the body faster and more efficiently than water. Liquid IV is a powdered electrolyte company that makes the strange claim that its products multiply hydration.

The only Liquid IV product that contains caffeine is Liquid IV Energy Multiplier, which contains 100 mg of caffeine per serving. Liquid IV is a healthier option than Pedialyte because it doesn't contain artificial flavors or colors. As shown above, Liquid IV states that their products can provide faster hydration than water alone and that a single bar can provide 2 to 3 times more hydration than water alone. However, if you're just a regular person with a standard or modest level of tasks, is Liquid IV worth it? This may not be the best product to use every day, and it's also not a healthy choice for diabetics or people with high blood pressure.

Liquid IV is currently 35% cheaper on Amazon than on CVS, and it's an even better deal when you factor in shipping prices.

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