How much is the owner of sheetz worth?

You can select different time frames to see the performance of Stanton R Sheetz's insider trading compared to the benchmark index. Sheetz Family Charities includes the Big Joe Scholarship, which provides scholarships to employees and children of employees and honors Joe M. As the company has grown, the Sheetz family's commitment to its more than 15,000 employees has continued to be a top priority. In 1952, Bob Sheetz bought one of his father's underperforming dairy stores to open Sheetz Kwik Shopper in Altoona.

Sheetz said he believes Forbes got its figures based on recent sales from other convenience store chains. President and CEO Joe Sheetz disagrees with Forbes' ranking of the Sheetz family in its recent list of the richest families in the United States, stating that the magazine's assumptions about the family's wealth and degree of ownership of the company are “exaggerated,” The Altoona Mirror reported. Forbes also said that there are about 35 family members involved in the business, but Joe Sheetz also clarified that statement. According to SEC Form 4 filings, Stanton R Sheetz has made a total of 0 transactions in F N B Corp (FNB) in the past 5 years.

Brothers Joe, Louie and Charlie, as well as Bob's son, Stan, helped Bob and Steve reinvent Sheetz, developing a next-generation gasoline design that was bold, brilliant and easy for the customer to use; offering fresh made-to-order food and touchscreen orders; and vertically integrating the company with their own fuel transportation company, Distribution Center and Sheetz Brothers Kitchen. GuruFocus tracks stock performance after each of Stanton R Sheetz's purchase transactions over different time frames. According to property reports filed with the SEC, as a reporting owner, Stanton R Sheetz owns 1 company in total, including F N B Corp (FNB).

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