McDonald's McRib Sandwich: How Often Is It Available?

The McDonald's McRib sandwich is a cult favorite that has been around for 40 years. Whether you love it or hate it, the divisive dish always generates a buzz every time it returns to menus after a periodic pause. According to CNN, the novelty surrounding the McRib is not just an advantage that comes with its seasonal status, but it is the driving force behind its appeal. Although the McRib has a devoted fan base, it's likely that it will never secure a permanent spot on the McDonald's menu, because fast food companies know that having at least one seasonal item is good for business.

When diners know that something is only available for a limited period of time, they are more motivated to make time to buy it than if you were always there waiting for them. Temporary dishes can also add variety to a menu that has been based on the same staple foods for decades. The McRib is a barbecue-flavored pork sandwich regularly sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's. The McRib, seasoned boneless pork, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles in a sandwich-style bun, was first launched regionally in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1981 before its national debut the following year. We knew that the McRib was in season because they started to appear once again in the fan-made McRib Locator.

The sandwich, as well as the cultural phenomenon of chasing the McRib, were the main theme of the Simpsons episode I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can, in which he parodies himself as the Ribwich and gains cult followers. This incredible site allows you to find a McRib, report a McRib sighting, or even view a map of the latest McRibs. The McRib consists of a restructured boneless pork burger shaped like miniature ribs, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles, served as a sandwich on a 5 ½ inch (14 cm) roll. It was his inspiration to shape the McRib pie like a slab of ribs, despite the fact that a round burger would have been cheaper to make and serve on standard hamburger buns. McDonald's said that the “rise of the Internet and the emergence of social media solidified McRib's icon status and “the hype surrounding its annual return even gave rise to the phrase 'McRib season. According to an official press release provided to Distractify, the McRib will make its triumphant return to McDonald's USA menus this fall, you can have the appetizing sandwich starting in November.

According to Wikipedia, the McRib pie is a restructured boneless pork burger shaped like miniature ribs. We all know that ribs tend to have, well, bones, so McRib's lack of bone is strange to some. So if you're looking for your next fix of this iconic sandwich, you'll want to go to McDonald's as soon as possible. It's always smart to check in advance if your closest location is one of those locations that serve the cult favorite. This year marks the 40th anniversary of McRib and it looks like it will be around for many more years.

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