What to serve with hot dogs for a crowd?

Here are eight side dishes that go particularly well with savory sausages and potato salad. Hot dogs are some of the easiest foods to put on the grill. What's the best thing you can do with all the time you just released? Make lots of simple side dishes for sausages. There are plenty of classic barbecue sides to choose from, and there are also seasonal summer options, such as salads.

However, when it comes to the ideal side dishes for sausages, we recommend sticking with iconic favorites that feel good next to dogs and rolls. From classic coleslaw to gorgeous grilled corn cobs, these are our favorite simple side dishes to pair with sausage. Potato salad is one of those classic and ideal side dishes that goes well with many grilled and barbecued foods, especially sausages. When you mention French fries and sausages, an instant image of eating a meal in a small restaurant comes to mind.

From tasty baked beans to pasta salad with grilled vegetables, the sides on this list are nothing short of extraordinary to pair with sausages.

Tristan Gagliardo
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