The McRib: A Deliciously Controversial Sandwich

The McRib is a barbecue-flavored pork sandwich that has been a regular item on the McDonald's menu since 1981. It has been a favorite among McDonald's fans, thanks to its exclusive status as it only appears for a limited time regionally. But what is the story behind this delicious sandwich?It turns out that the ingredients of the McRib consist of restructured meat products such as heart, calluses and scalded stomach. The technology that made this possible was developed by Roger Mandigo, an emeritus professor of animal science at the University of Nebraska. Chicago Magazine published the story that revealed the truth about the McRib's ingredients. McDonald's first executive chef, René Arend, a native of Luxembourg, is credited with inventing the McRib in 1979. He also invented chicken McNuggets in 1979. McDonald's claims that the sandwich consists mainly of shoulder meat, but it is actually made up of restructured meat products. McDonald's recently released a video detailing how its food suppliers prepare, freeze and cook the McRib sandwich.

The news that McDonald's planned to bring the sandwich back last month was enthusiastically received on Twitter. But McDonald's didn't get where it was without making things taste delicious (and, yes, without a smart marketing strategy). If you want a piggy and sweet feel, prepare it at McDonald's while the McRib is still available. The launch of the McRib comes as McDonald's is going through a wild year that saw sales fall amid widespread lockdowns and fears about whether Covid-19 could spread on surfaces, and then a spike as consumers learned more about how the disease is transmitted and become more comfortable with self-service, pick-up and delivery. For those who really can't live without the McRib being a permanent item on the menu, the offer is available all year round at McDonald's locations in Germany. McDonald's hasn't said when the sandwich will come off the menu, but McRib's previous offerings have lasted approximately two months. Even when Arby's offered a competing sandwich, McDonald's referred to a press release which touted the McRib as “spicy and tempting”.The McRib has been a controversial sandwich due to its 70 ingredients and alleged inhumane treatment of pigs that compose it. But it has also been a favorite among McDonald's fans thanks to its exclusive status and delicious taste.

So if you want to enjoy this delicious sandwich while it is still available, head over to your nearest McDonald's!.

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