Is apple pay accepted at mcdonald's?

With more than 1 billion iPhone users (, it's no wonder that many want to use Apple Pay to buy their meals. These security measures make Apple Pay the perfect option for McDonald's orders, regardless of the method you used to place the order. Now, tap “Add Card” and follow the instructions to add your preferred credit card to Apple Pay on your Apple Watch. To use Apple Pay at McDonald's, tell the cashier that you'll use Apple Pay once you complete your purchase and bring your phone close to the NFC card reader to complete the payment process.

If there's a self-service kiosk at the McDonald's location you're visiting, you can also use Apple Pay to complete the transaction quickly and securely. Apple Pay is available as a payment option at McDonald's, regardless of whether you use the app, place an order in-store, or go through self-service. Apple Pay is an easy-to-use, contactless payment method that works with your Apple devices, such as Apple Watch and iPhone. One of the main benefits of using Apple Pay is the improved security and privacy it provides to customers without sharing personal information.

Due to McDonald's limitations, you can't add a McDonald's gift card to Apple Pay (Wallet) or the McDonald's mobile app. If the McDonald's restaurant where you place your order accepts Apple Pay (most of them do), you'll see the Apple Pay symbol on the NFC card reader or in the restaurant. Apple Pay is considered more secure than traditional debit and credit cards and is safe to use at McDonald's just like anywhere else. Apple Pay is a mobile wallet in which you have to add your card details from your iPhone and you are ready to make your payments without disturbing the rewards and benefits of the Card.

To set up Apple Pay on your iPhone, go to the “Settings” section and select “& Apple Pay Wallet”. However, the McDonald's app doesn't support Google Pay or Samsung Pay, so Apple Pay is the only mobile payment you can use for orders placed through the McDonald's app.

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