Is it good to drink electrolytes before flying?

Use an electrolyte drink for effective hydration These results suggest that an electrolyte drink is more effective than mineral water for hydrating in conditions such as when traveling by plane. The team concluded that pocari, or a similar substance, could provide better hydration than water during long-haul flights. Research conducted in Japan provides advice for those traveling on long-haul flights: consume a drink that contains electrolytes or carbohydrates. The results showed that electrolyte drinks maintained the best net fluid balance and blood viscosity in the legs.

Taking an electrolyte supplement such as SaltStick Caps or FastChews before, during, and after a flight, along with drinking water, can be very helpful in maintaining balance. The study consisted of giving passengers water and electrolyte drinks to see if they prevented dehydration and reduced the risk of blood clots more effectively. The results indicate that those who drank the electrolyte drink had a higher net fluid balance at the end of the flight. However, many air passengers don't drink liquids because they fear standing in line at the restrooms, they don't want to pay for expensive drinks from airport stores, and they can't go through security control with their own beverage containers.

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a study conducted in Japan in which it was demonstrated that the best way to prevent the effects of dehydration during a flight is to drink a drink with electrolytes.

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