The McRib: Is it Really a Pork Rib?

Despite its name, the McRib is not made of rib meat. It is actually made from restructured meat products such as heart, calluses and scalded stomach. The McRib was first introduced to the McDonald's menu in 1981, after trial marketing the previous year. But what kind of cuts are used to form this pork burger? According to a Maxim dispatch, there is very little real rib meat in a McRib.

Mostly, it's shoulder meat, Rob Cannell, director of the supply chain at McDonald's USA, told the magazine. UU. In addition to the twisted chemicals, the sandwich is made of a restructured pork burger, formed into a small rack shaped like ribs, barbecue sauce, white onions and pickles. However, according to a University of Nebraska study, you're actually eating restructured pork viscera covered in salt, specifically scalded guts, hearts and stomachs. Offal has become fashionable thanks to the movement from nose to tail and, without a doubt, people in countries like Mexico and Italy have no problem devouring things like calluses without thinking twice. The McRib's high calorie, fat and salt content shouldn't be impactful.

After all, fast food doesn't have a reputation for being a healthy option. However, what may surprise you is that the McRib's rib-shaped pork pie is not rib meat at all. In reality, it's pork shoulder plus a variety of other non-marketable pork parts such as tripe, heart and stomach, joined with preservatives and sugar to make them look like a rib cage (via The Atlantic).Azodicarbonamide is a flour bleaching agent that, when not used in McRib buns, lives on gym mats, yoga mats and shoe soles. That's a lot of stuff for a sandwich advertised as McRib pork burger, bread, barbecue sauce, pickle slices and shredded onions.

Not just for the McRib but also for all of the restaurant's offerings, most of which are based on the same cheap ingredients, mechanized prep and the same chemical additives that McRib embodies to the point of being cartoonish. When the McRib is in the restaurant and ready to be prepared, it is cooked in a Panini press type machine according to ABC News. Even more horrifying than the ingredient list are the allegations of animal abuse against Smithfield Foods, the world's largest pork producer and origin of the meat used to form McRibs. The eternal return of the McRib together with the brazen celebration of a sandwich that is obviously and blatantly false are the cause of the public's desire for McDonald's. You don't even have to eat a McRib to be subject to it since mass networks and now social networks do the work for us. But in the case of McRib that satisfaction must be temporary occasional so that it can return the following year. McRib's stochastic return makes visible the relationship between diner and McDonald's menu.

This version replaced the roll with a standard hamburger bun and was served with two pickles and a smaller pork burger. Using its roadmap McDonald's then developed a pork pie made of small flakes of meat taken from the shoulders of a pig. The hamburger which contains pork water salt dextrose and preservatives is sprayed with water to prevent dehydration during the freezing process. McRib's fate remains elusive this year; no official announcement has emerged of the proverbial pressed pig plantation. I'm not sure how this doesn't fall into fake advertising and labeling but somehow they get away with it.

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