What is the Most Popular Fast Food in the Philippines?

Jollibee is the most popular fast food chain in the Philippines, with a network of 1,400 stores across the country and close to one hundred overseas locations. It is also the most awarded Philippine fast food chain. Known for its Jolly Spaghetti and Chickenjoy, Jollibee has become a Pinoy success story that has created a stir. Their best-selling and very affordable Yumburgers (really cheap but really tasty and meaty with just P2), crispy Chickenjoy, cheerful spaghetti and many more “langhap-sarap” products are developed through rigorous scientific methods and state-of-the-art technology.

KFC is another famous fast-food restaurant in the Philippines, with 165 stores. Shakey's has been serving not only excellent pizzas for over 33 years, but also lots of fun. Now in its 99th store, Shakey's is highly regarded for its original thin crust pizza, Manager's Choice pizza, the all-time favorite lunch and the perfect golden brown fried mojos. For delivery, call 77-777 (it's five 7s).

Pizza Hut is another popular fast food chain in the Philippines. Bistro's Italian specialties attract hordes of pizza habits. For starters, try a Tuscan salad (a refreshing combination of mixed vegetables, fresh tomatoes, olives, walnuts and grated Parmesan cheese) in a sweet balsamic vinaigrette at P17. A must-try snack called Mussels di Napoli (New Zealand mussels imported in white wine, served with crispbread, P18.main course, options include cheese ravioli (ravioli stuffed with cheese and mushrooms in tomato sauce and pesto, P15); grilled Italian cutlets (tender and moist grilled pork chops with herb rice and roasted tomatoes, P18); seafood portofina pasta (linguini noodles in olive oil and white wine sauce with shrimp, scallops), and New Zealand mussels, P17. Tokyo Tokyo is another popular fast food chain in the Philippines. On the menu there are 26 different main courses (including a combination of dishes and portions different from the best sellers, five side dishes, three appetizers and three desserts).

Everyone has experienced the desire to have a bucket of Chickenjoy for themselves, and now we can do it without the chicken going rancid after a day or two of storing it. Jollibee has released cooked versions of our favorite Jollibee dishes, including Chickenjoy. Mang Inasal's unique combination of traditional Filipino cuisine with a dinner concept is what sets the restaurant apart. With its distinctive Pinoy grilling and special marinade produced from local secret spices, Mang Inasal immediately became a favorite among customers for its native-style Inasal chicken and “nuot-sarap”, as well as its innovative “unlimited rice”.

Due to its extensive product line including Chicken Inasal, Pork BBQ, Halo-Halo and Palabok, Mang Inasal has become the leading store of the Pinoy brand. Variations are regularly introduced to the menu to suit the most demanding tastes of the company's growing consumer base. For all pizza lovers, Greenwich is definitely one of your best options. Greenwich is a long-standing local pizza franchise that has been in business for more than 40 years.

This pizzeria specializes in pizza “Pinoy” which is distinguished by a thin dough and a generous amount of ingredients including pepperoni, ham, vegetables and mozzarella cheese.

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