Can You Use Apple Pay at Walmart?

Apple Pay is a convenient and secure way to pay for items, but unfortunately, Walmart doesn't accept it as a form of payment. Walmart has its own digital payment system, Walmart Pay, which allows customers to pay quickly and save their eReceipts in case of returns. Home Depot also doesn't accept Apple Pay. Walmart's decision to not accept Apple Pay is more about financial impact than it is about attracting customers.

By using their own digital payment system, Walmart avoids the 2% credit card charge that would be affected if they started accepting Apple Pay. If you're an iPhone user with Apple Pay as your primary payment method, you can still use a digital wallet such as Samsung Pay or Google Pay instead of Walmart Pay. You can also check if other stores such as Kroger, Walgreens, Dollar General, Costco and CVS accept Apple Pay. When you choose to pay for your items with Apple Pay, you don't have to worry about anyone receiving your PIN number because there isn't one.

You can also save money by linking your Apple Card to Apple Pay and using the Ibotta app to make your purchase at Walmart. Although you can't use Apple Pay in any Walmart concession, such as Walmart Pharmacy or Walmart Vision Center, you can still use other digital wallets such as Samsung Pay or Google Pay. In conclusion, while it's unfortunate that Walmart doesn't accept Apple Pay, there are still other ways to pay digitally without having to carry a wallet or purse with you. You can also save money by using the Ibotta app and linking your Apple Card to Apple Pay.

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