Positioning Jollibee as the Market Leader

Jollibee is the leading market leader in the Philippines, with more than 1,200 points of sale around the world. It has been able to influence its local position at the top by incorporating basic global tactics, excellent service, a friendly atmosphere and an attractive menu. Jollibee has a larger market share than all other foreign fast food brands in the Philippines combined. When Jollibee first enters a foreign market, it showcases its famous products, chicken, spaghetti and hamburger. Jollibee Foods Corporation promotes positive brand and product perception among its target consumer groups.

To maintain quality control and negotiation conditions for the placement of its products, Jollibee Foods Corporation contracts with partner agencies in several countries and markets. Jollibee ensures high customer traffic by positioning branches in crowded locations. Its stores offer excellent service to large volumes of people by operating as a well-oiled machine. The product packaging is attractive and matches the brand image developed and maintained by Jollibee Foods Corporation. Differentiate the ADR value proposition of Jollibee Foods from that of the competition, thus providing a market offer to create superior customer value. When a company decides where to place itself, it involves analyzing where to sell a product and how to bring it to market.

Make a product occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable place in relation to competing products in the minds of target consumers. To do this, Jollibee Foods ADR can use four steps to create a customer value-driven marketing strategy in the industry: Step 1: Market Segmentation Step 2: Market Segmentation Step 3: Differentiation Step 4: Positioning. Jollibee Foods ADR needs to segment customers based on two main demographic criteria: prospect revenue and lifecycle stage. One of their bestsellers is the Yumburger (this is their star product for some time) and Jolly Spaghetti with a sweet taste (Filipinos like sweet spaghetti). Marketing blending is how a company designs and executes a combination of product strategies, pricing strategies, distribution channel options, and promotional vehicles. The unique selling proposition of the Jollibee brand is fast, good, clean and economical food.

A discount can attract more customers, but it can also give the impression that the product is cheap and commonplace. As Jollibee Foods ADR is an industry player with the best value for money, it should position its product slightly above market prices.

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