Does drip drop hydration contain any artificial ingredients?

Drip Drop shortens the time of hydration relief due to its rapid absorption rate into the bloodstream. It is made with all-natural flavors with great flavor and does not contain preservatives or artificial or GMO ingredients. Perfect Hydration has created a healthier alternative to other sugary sports drinks, as it provides an electrolyte water that performs a double function as a delicious moisturizer and a source of electrolytes for use before, during and after physical activity. The lawsuit seeks to cover all U.S.

consumers who have purchased Drip Drop Hydration's powdered oral rehydration solution in the past four years. In the case of the Drip Drop Hydration supplements in question, product labels indicate the characteristic flavor of acai berries, Concordia grapes, pineapples or coconuts and “reinforce the statement of the characteristic flavor by showing images of fruits,” the case states. A proposed class-action lawsuit alleges that Drip Drop Hydration's oral rehydration powders are falsely advertised and mislabeled, since electrolyte replacement supplements don't taste as “natural” as buyers expect. Drip Drop Hydration uses DL malic acid to give supplements the sweet and sour flavors of acai berries, Concord grapes, pineapples and coconuts, while “combining natural and artificial flavors, misclassifying products and misleading consumers,” the case states.

A class action lawsuit alleges that Drip Drop Hydration's oral rehydration powders are falsely advertised and mislabeled. Ultima Replenisher Hydration Electrolyte Packs Ultima Replenisher Hydration Electrolyte Packs Drinks such as electrolyte water are essential for people of all activity levels, but especially for those who are training for a marathon or doing intense exercises. According to the lawsuit, tests carried out by “an independent external laboratory” confirmed that Drip Drop Hydration's oral rehydration solutions, which must be taken after workouts to rehydrate, contain the synthetic version of malic acid, called DL malic acid.

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