Where to Find the McRib: A Guide for McRib Lovers

McRib lovers, rejoice! The McDonald's barbecue sandwich is back in participating restaurants across the country. But with only 9000 of the more than 14,000 McDonald's locations in the U. S. offering the McRib, it can be hard to find one.

Fortunately, with an mcrib locator and mobile ordering, it's easier than ever to get your hands on a McRib. McRib fans often struggle to find the closest McRib provider, which gives a big boost to McDonald's visibility and traffic in the process. The McRib, seasoned boneless pork, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles in a sandwich-style bun, was first released regionally in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1981 before its national debut the following year. Over the years, there have been many fan-made McRib localization services that help customers find McRib by cataloging where they have been detected. With the McDonald's mobile app, you can start your meal early, find out what other items are available, and find out if McRib sandwiches are already available.

To celebrate the sandwich's 40th anniversary, McDonald's announced a contest Thursday in which it will give away digital versions of the fan-favorite sandwich. The McRib is famous for not staying long, being presented every year before leaving again. McRib pricing varies by location and is only available for a limited time, while supplies last. But one of the most maddening aspects of the McRib campaign is how much is left in the hands of customers. This year, McDonald's is taking a different approach to its McRib campaign by offering its own McRib locator in the form of a mobile application hosted in Apple's iMessage app store. The app allows consumers to share the location of a McRib with their friends through messaging, allowing them to coordinate and travel and encourage group outings to buy the sandwich.

So if you're looking for a McRib near you, don't forget to check out McDonald's mobile app or one of the many fan-made localization services.

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