How Many Calories Are in a Panda Bowl with Orange Chicken and Brown Rice?

Are you looking for a delicious meal that won't break the calorie bank? Look no further than a Panda Bowl from Panda Express! This popular Chinese restaurant offers a variety of tasty dishes, including the classic Orange Chicken. But how many calories are in a Panda Bowl with Orange Chicken and Brown Rice?The answer is 370 calories. Most of these calories come from fat (41%) and carbohydrates (45%). While this may seem like a lot, it's actually quite reasonable for a meal.

Plus, you can always opt for healthier sides such as vegetables instead of rice or chow mein. If you're looking for something a bit more indulgent, Panda Express also offers a Tea Bar with unique craft beverages such as milk tea, smoothies, lemonade, and sparkling yoghurts. These drinks are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding too many calories to your meal. When it comes to the healthiest options on the Panda Express menu, the Steamed Fish with Ginger is one of the best choices. It's low in calories, has minimal sugar, and provides a good amount of protein. It's also one of the lowest-sodium chicken options on the menu. For those looking for a protein-vegetable meal, the Grilled Chicken Bowl with Super Vegetables is an excellent choice.

This dish is low in calories and will help you reach your weight loss goals. Finally, if you're looking for something with more carbs, the Steamed Brown Rice is a great option. It contains 59.8 g of total carbohydrates, 56 g of net carbs, 2.3 g of fat, 6.4 g of protein and 287 calories. So there you have it! Now you know how many calories are in a Panda Bowl with Orange Chicken and Brown Rice. Enjoy your meal!.

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