Who is the Voice Behind the McDonald's McRib Commercial?

Do you recognize the voice behind the McDonald's McRib commercial? It's none other than Brian Cox, the actor known for his role in HBO's 'Succession'. The commercial, which is officially premiering next week, features music by producer Tay Keith and showcases every millimetre of the iconic sandwich. Cox's voice-over describes each ingredient in a 15-second analysis, just as any McDonald's fan would if they had the same accent and cadence. The commercial, titled 'Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhh', shows customers struggling to decide what they want to eat.

With McDonald's launching into the chicken sandwich trend in the United States with a new trio of offerings, they will be running ads promoting the sandwich and thanking their famous chips and McRib. The campaign gives viewers a closer look at the three types of chicken sandwiches: classic, spicy and luxury. In addition to Cox's voice work in the McDonald's commercial, Ryan Reynolds will also be featured in a new teaser trailer at Super Bowl Sunday. Reynolds confirms that he is Grimace's new voice following the debut of the McDonald's Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhh commercial during Super Bowl LVI.

He also provided his voice for the fast food chain and viewers immediately noticed the intentionality of the slogan “Bah da buh buh buuuuuh”. McDonald's agencies working on the delivery and launch include Wieden & Kennedy New York and Callen in advertising, Publicis Groupe in digital marketing, OMD in payment methods, TMS in retail, Boxer in branded packaging, Alma in additional marketing support and Golin, Burrell, Boden, IW Group and Lee Street in communications. Congratulations to Laura Morgan Kelly who plays the biker girlfriend in the upcoming McDonald's “Tennessee Stack” commercial this May as part of the new American-style food range.

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