Are there any warranty options available for the blackstone flat top grill?

All Blackstone plates come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty that covers parts, labor, and finishes. North Atlantic Imports, the manufacturer, will offer a one-year warranty from the purchase of all parts, labor, and finishes. The manufacturer will have the option to repair or replace any of the above items. All warranties are limited to the original purchaser only.

This warranty does not cover any liability on the part of North Atlantic Imports, its agents or employees, for any indirect or consequential damage resulting from the breach of warranty. The buyer must follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. No, Blackstone irons don't come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty period for Blackstone products is one year.

Compared to some of the leading manufacturers in the barbecue industry, Blackstone grills offer a fairly average warranty. Blackstone has several different versions and models of grills on the market and the specifications usually vary from model to model, even when the plates have the same width (28 versus 36).

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