How Many Wawa Locations Are There in the US?

The state with the most Wawa locations in the United States is New Jersey. With a total of 918 Wawa centers across the country, Wawa operates stores in 7 states and 430 cities. New Jersey has the highest number of Wawas, with 260 locations, representing 28% of all Wawa locations in the US. Wawa will expand to a seventh state in 2024, when the service and service station chain begins opening stores in North Carolina.

The company has been featured on ABC's The Goldbergs and became a topic of conversation around HBO's Mare of Easttown. In the not-too-distant future, Wawa has plans to expand to its seventh state, North Carolina. Sheetz, the rival of Wawa, based in central Pennsylvania, already has more than 100 locations in North Carolina. In Forbes's annual ranking of the nation's largest private companies, Wawa rose to first place in Pennsylvania and 29th in the United States last year. It's not hard to imagine Wawa encompassing a growing territory in the US.

In the next 20 years, or maybe even opening novel outposts in places like London or Hong Kong. Currently, Wawa operates around 900 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Washington DC. All three have more than 200 Wawas each. One location per 88,752 people, accounting for approximately 24% of the total number of Wawa locations. Much of the growth has been driven by the expansion of the company's Super Wawa service stations, which account for approximately half of all Wawa stores. There are 49 states and territories in the US Department of State without any Wawa location.

One location per 52,040 people, with approximately 25% of the total number of Wawa locations. Wawa is 41% employee-owned, and some say its employee stock ownership plan is the second largest ESOP in the country. Its product list includes coffee, snacks, sandwiches, prepared foods, dairy products, gasoline, beverages and snacks. It may seem like an exaggeration today but there was a time when 7-Eleven was just a humble Tote'm Stores in Dallas area in 1920s. It now has more than 78000 stores in 19 states and territories. Similarly, Wawa is also on its way to becoming a household name across America.

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