What Makes Jollibee So Special?

Jollibee is a beloved fast-food chain that has been around since 1975, and it has become a staple in the Philippines. It is known for its signature fried chicken, Chickenjoy, which is delicately breaded by hand to make it crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. The Yumburger, Jollibee's first flagship product, is also a fan favorite. The ChickEnjoy is another cult classic that is revered by customers for its perfect seasoning and crunch.

It is hand-breaded and served with a tasty, silky sauce that is good for finger licking. You can also order fries, mashed potatoes and salsa, or rice adobo with your Chickenjoy. Jollibee's menu is eclectic by American fast-food standards, and it includes a pancake sandwich and Magnolia Ice Cream spots. The ice cream is bright purple due to the ube, a sweet potato purple, which is also part of Jollibee's breakfast menu.

The Jollibee version of the breakfast sandwich comes with two dotted sausages, garlic rice and another hard-boiled egg. The sauce they use is characteristically sweet and is loaded with slices of ham, sausages and ground beef. Jollibee has spread to different countries by changing its menu in small ways to meet the palette of those who are in the location. It has diversified into markets in North America, Southeast Asia and Europe.

With its simplicity that helps dishes shine and allows the distinctive dressing to stand out, it's no wonder why Jollibee has become so popular around the world.

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